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Afromaison toolbox

Integrated natural resources management (INRM) requires tools. Currently, however, users have to do a big effort to find and access the proper tool for their purpose. The reasons are:

  • tools are developed for different purposes, e.g. economic, spatial planning, etc.;
  • tools are used at different administrative levels, e.g. national, meso or local;
  • tools have different needs regarding skills for operation of the tools, cost, data requirements, etc.

These properties need to be matched with the needs of the user. The AfroMaison Toolbox facilitates the selection of tools by different user groups in an intuitive way. Tools can be selected by browsing the catalogue, use of filters or through a wizard suggesting the user the appropriate tool(s).Providers of tools can register and submit metadata to the AfroMaison Toolbox.